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Autonomous Mobile Robotic solutions for commercial and service applications.

  • Reduce labour costs

  • Improve the quality of service

  • Improve the mood and loyalty of the customers

  • Make the company stand out from its competitors

  • Positively influence the financial performance of the company

Our Products

Autonomous Mobile Robotic solutions for home and business applications.


Facial recognition software recognizes customers with a saved profile for easy favorite re-ordering, personalized offers and customized suggestions based upon their preferences.

Lock Security IconSSL encryption ensures that customer profiles including their name, email address, order preferences and an image of their face are securely stored.

Multiple Dot IconFrom one terminal in one location to thousands of terminals across the globe, a truly scalable business solution.

Checkmark IconAn exact record of the entire conversation and order is recorded for use in data analytics and deep-dive data mining.

Tree IconPaperless ordering taking and order transmittal to the kitchen is good for the environment. Customers also have the option of an email receipt to further minimize paper usage.

Location IconIntelligent natural language processing understands geographic linguistic idiosyncrasies.