QSR Robots

Robots will soon be replacing QSR kiosks As the Quick-Serve Industry continues on its hyper-competitive path; management is turning to robots for help. Labor constraints are the number one issue for restaurants as labor costs explode and resources diminish.  Will customers adapt to the technology is the number one question, but  Surveys like the one [...]

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The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence and How Humans Perceive It

Artificial Intelligence, in its basic sense, is the ability of a machine to interpret data, objects, or other stimulus and then make a decision based on that information.  AI has been all around us for years; but because humans perceive intelligence in a comparative way, we discredit the intelligence of machines doing redundant tasks.   For [...]

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Is the Future of Automation Limited by Technology?

11 of the top automakers have a goal of autonomous vehicles on the highway by the early 2020s.  This goal is threatened by the limitations of solid-state LiDAR resulting in a huge opportunity for the LiDAR industry to be first to market with high-performance technology capable of meeting the demands of the automotive industry. [...]

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