Rather a pill than a shot?

Scientists are currently working on a shot that you would swallow; and no, we’re not talking about Tequila shots or Lemon Drops.  Unlike myself who doesn’t mind injections (as I actually find it interesting to watch my blood get drawn), many people have trypanophobia, aka fear of needles and injections.  I do however feel very uncomfortable watching my kids, ok I’ll be honest, my grandkids getting shots; so, what does all this mean you ask.  Well, there are many drugs that need to be injected into the bloodstream because they become ineffective if swallowed. But what if, you could swallow a little nanobot in a capsule that would make I tiny injection in your stomach or intestine and you wouldn’t even feel it.

These tiny ingestible injectors will fit inside your normal pill capsule and once the acid in your stomach dissolves the outer capsule, it would then start to dissolve the trigger switch.  The trigger switch basically holds back a tiny, spring loaded needle that would penetrate the lining of stomach or intestine just enough to release the medicine without any damage to your digestive track.  The needle would soon dissolve and what’s left of the nanobot would just pass through your system.   I can just imagine all the trypanophobes smiling as they’re reading this.

This is also very promising for people that need to inject insulin and other daily medications.  Instead of carrying needles and other necessary supplies, just pop a few nanobots into your vitamin case and you’re good to go.

-Carl Sconnely